Gade Marx Treadle Hammer Accessory Tool Holder Tips

Upper Tool Holder Installation & Use:

Created: September 4, 1994
Last Updated: April 19,2020

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Installation and Use of the Upper Tool Holder for the Gade Marx Treadle Hammer

1. The tool holder must fit up flush with the face of the hammer head. On the sides of the hammer, there may be a little spatter or excess weld material that will have to be removed in order to get the tool holder to fit all the way up.

2. The slots in the side plates should fit exactly in the center of the 1 inch thick hammer head plate. If the holes in your hammer were drilled a little off, you will have to file out the slot(s) to match.

3. Before you mount the tool holder, run the bolts into the tapped holes to be sure that the threads are clean enough and deep enough. If the bolts bind, the holes will need to be cleaned out (retapped). The last thing you want to do is to crank the bolts into place so hard in order to tighten up the tool holder that you break off a bolt!

4. Mount the tool holder so that the set screw is to the back. This way, even if you did leave an allen wrench in the set screw, you wouldn't have the wrench creasing your forehead if you inadvertently started to work.

5. To use the upper tool holder, just insert the lower tool you want into the anvil hardy hole, then insert the upper tool you choose into the upper tool holder, all the way until it "bottoms" and tighten the set screw good and tight. Now push down on the treadle until the two tools meet. Loosen the upper tool holder mounting bolts slightly and slide the tool holder backwards or forwards as necessary to align the two tools. Tighten the mounting bolts. In use, check the tightness of the mounting bolts and the set screw occasionally.
Always think "safety"!
If you hear any clicking or clanking noises coming from the assembly, stop hammering immediately and investigate.

6. The tool holder was designed to work over a range of about 2 to 6 inches of tooling plus work. If this range isn't broad enough for your application, simply drill and tap two more 1/4-20 holes in the hammer head about 1" away from the present ones, in the proper direction of course.