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Here are some one-of-a-kind items by T. & C. Latané that are currently available. If you would like to buy one of these pieces, contact us at (715-442-2419) or to arrange the sale and shipping.

Carved box, made of old oak boards by Tom Latané with hand forged iron hinges, reinforcing plates, hasp and handles.     $1650

Pine box made by Dave Johnson with iron hinges, handles, reinforcement bands and lock by Tom Latané, painted in traditional Scandinavian style by Judith Kjenstad.     $2400

Surface mounted door lock loosely based on an antique lock in Tom Latané's collection.     $1850

This bronze lion pizza cutter was cast in a mold made from an original forged in steel by Tom Latané.     $250

Catherine (Kitty) Latané makes custom handprint cookie cutters from tracings of children's hands.
$25 /hand 5" or smaller

Catherine makes tin cookie cutters with flat tin backs in many shapes.
·Eagle     $18
·Riverboat     $16
·Plane     $16
·Crow     $20

August 23, 2022