Gallery of Tom Latané's Work

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Carved Box
Cherrywood box hand quarter-sawn and carved by Tom Latané with hand made iron hardware and lock. 2006

The customer sent an antique ward box from an iron chest, for which he needed a key. Tom forged the key, which has a symbolic bit...notice the three crosses, the one in the middle with a crown.

The mouth in the repoussé face opens and closes when the key is turned in the lock.

Viking style axe, inlaid with silver. 2003

The forged dragon figure had chased patterns on its back and legs. The finished dragon is a rack for hand forged kitchen utensils.

Scandinavian style two-candle chandelier with tramel for adjusting height.

Norse Style Axe

Forged Armorer Shop Sign
Armorer shop sign - before installation at Castlerock Museum of Arms and Armor in Alma, WI

Forged Armorer Sign Installed
Armorer shop with sign - sign installed beside armorer shop display I designed to display collection of tools at the Castlerock museum. I built the forge, bellows, benches, and shelves as well as worked over the 19th century vise to appear an older style.

Leg Vise Reworked
Vise for Armorer Shop reworked to appear older

Reworked Vise Detail
Detail of vise above

Cemetery Cross, Olson
Cemetery cross Olson - Scandinavian style cemetery cross

Chest Key Replacement
Chest key replacement - key made to open a locked immigrant chest

Church Key With Cap
Church key with cap - Donation to Metal Museum in Memphis 2013 Repair Days auction.

Gothic Chandelier
Gothic chandelier

Flag Holders, a Pair of them
Flag Holder pair - Flag Holders for a tavern in Saint Paul, MN

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