My JXQ-10A Gas Producer Page

Last Revised: April 10, 2014

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Chinese Gasifier, JXQ-10

This is my journey in learning more about this Chinese gas producer, the JXQ-10A.

I got one in March of 2009 and had a hard time figuring out how to operate it.
I have the manual that came with it and some additional instructions that were part of the Ebay advertisement, but they are both ambiguous in several places.
If you have recently gotten one of these machines, please do contact me for better instructions on how to get it running!!!

Here are links to what I have learned so far, Newest entry first:

Results of our Sep 10, 2013 Run: Longer and more power than ever before

Here's a Youtube Video of my latest Grain Cleaner-to-Wood Chip Sorting Machine

Improving Measurements,System Changes,Wood Chip Management,etc., Nov. 2012 to June 2013

Good Results of November 11, 2012 Hot Engine Test with a summary of the season, Including a link to a short youtube video of the test.

June 19, 2012 run of the JXQ-10 with my new datalogger:

The grate plugged up pretty early, so I still have plenty of work to do, but the datalogger performed suberbly.
JXQ-10 Gasifier Datalog June 19 2012

Short Woodgas Datalogger Update video, added Lights to indicate Gas Temperature

Short Video of my new Woodgas Datalogger

Classifying Wood Chips

JXQ-10 Emails, from users

10 Minute Video Taken Saturday, 6/18/2011 Gasifier fueling Onan generator

Woodgas to Electricilty Update (Added 6/19/2011)

Woodgas to Electricilty Update (Added 11/10/2010)

Wood Shredding Progress and Generator Integration To Date (Added 8/3/2009)

Questions and Answers from First Test Results (Added 8/3/2009)

First Test of the System, April 20, 2009

Early Questions and Answers Page (Added April 15, 2009)

Setting up the JXQ-10/Cad Drawings (Added April 10, 2009)

Getting Started Page