Thomas & Catherine Latané

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Thomas and Catherine Latané have been creating original metalwork in their Pepin, Wisconsin workshop for over 25 years. Tom's hand forged ironwork is functional in traditional Gothic, Renaissance, Scandinavian and Early American styles. Catherine makes tin cookie cutters shaped by hand into a wide variety of shapes. Artist-Blacksmith Tom Latané has been using traditional tools and techniques including chasing and repoussé to forge original locks, hardware, tools and candle fixtures in Pepin, Wisconsin, since 1983. Tom is also a skilled woodworker, and enjoys combining his talents with wood and metal.

Tom Latane' pictured on a ceramic tile

Bergquist Imports makes a series of tiles, with images by painter Susan Tofftey, showing different traditional Scandinavian activities. Here, Tom was demonstrating blacksmithing at the Nordic Fest in Decorah, Iowa, and Susan was inspired. ---

Jan 20, 2016